Sole Men’s 1st Award at ‘Education Rocks’ & ‘BCP’ celebration

Click here to see some of the photos from the wonderful event held to celebrate our kids’ creativity and uniqueness, their absolute joy for life. With our sister organization Education Rocks, this was the first time our 200 sponsored children got together. We’ve posted just a few of the many photos on our Facebook page — if you have some good ones from the day, please share! 



Visiting Ringdikit Kindergarten

Although school is not yet back in session, the kindergarten building for Ringdiket is almost ready for its first class of students. A converted building, the kindergarten has two classrooms which will hold up to sixty students each. There are many children in the Ringdikit area, but the nearest school is too far for many of them to attend. With one available locally, now many children will have the opportunity to get a head-start on their education.

To keep posted on developments at the school, visit its official Facebook page, or follow the Bali Children Project’s pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Volunteer Spotlight: Kathryn Schlesinger

Volunteer Kathryn Schlesinger, who has arranged for the sponsorship of 34 more children through friends and family, has been active with the BCP since 2010.

This summer, July and August 2012, I was fortunate to make my 4th visit to the village schools in Munduk. The small group that came along consisted of my sister, Annie Schultz, for her third visit, along with first-timers Sharon Stotts and Jeane Ruston. We are excited that we are getting smarter about how we do things when we visit. This was a very cohesive group and all had worked to make our individual contributions in collecting school supplies, lesson plans, organized teacher training, and recruiting new sponsors for students while in the States. We also all worked well in the classrooms doing songs and helping the students do the art projects that we brought. We were able to visit two different schools. At each school we spent time observing some of their daily routine. Then it was our turn! We taught some story songs that had motions and movement. The students always get a kick out of these and want to do them a second time around. Then we did two art projects and a small hygiene lesson on tooth brushing. Before leaving all the students received toothbrushes and toothpaste.

While in Munduk we also had prepared for fun party for the sponsored students. We are very excited that we now have 34 students sponsored. The students were each given a bag with their own school supplies and some fun items. They spent time decorating visors that they got to keep and also a cardboard frame that they sent home with us to give to the sponsors. We also took each student’s photo so the frame would have their photo in it. The highlight was when Iluh prepared some of the students to do an endearing dance performance for us. The party ended with a water balloon toss game and lots of fun and laughter.

Something new that we did was to hold a teacher-training workshop at Sanda House. About 8 teachers came and learned a lot of wonderful ideas to teach math concepts from Sharon and then a few ideas about language development and storytelling. We then all did some learning games with some parachutes that we brought to donate. Each teacher left with a bag of supplies.

It was a fabulous visit and we were touched by our experience.

Kathryn Schlesinger