Sole Men’s 1st Award at ‘Education Rocks’ & ‘BCP’ celebration

Click here to see some of the photos from the wonderful event held to celebrate our kids’ creativity and uniqueness, their absolute joy for life. With our sister organization Education Rocks, this was the first time our 200 sponsored children got together. We’ve posted just a few of the many photos on our Facebook page — if you have some good ones from the day, please share! 



Dental Students Visit Ringdikit and Kayu Putih


Manpreet checks boy’s mouth

English dental students Manpreet Kaur and Stephanie Docherty visited the Munduk area last week to hand out oral hygiene supplies and give advice on maintaining healthy teeth. In an environment where the cheapest and easiest food also happens to be the least healthy, this can be very difficult. Around 60 children came to the Ringdikit kindergarten to see them.

Manpreet and Stephanie were excited to help the children make more informed choices about the kinds of foods that they eat. They advised them to avoid candy, of course, but also gave them ways to minimize the damage sugar can have on their teeth. If the children are going to have candy, for example, they told them that they should eat it with a meal and never directly before going to bed. They also told them that if they are going to have soda to drink it through a straw, which minimizes tooth exposure to sugar.

Of course, they also reminded the children that they should be brushing their teeth twice a day, the second time an hour after eating and before sleeping.

ImageThe children were excited to meet them, and many parents also came to ask questions and thank Stephanie and Manpreet for their help. Iluh was kept busy telling children and their parents what their specific dental needs were based on Manpreet and Stephanie’s examinations. For children who do not have access to medical care, their help was so important! They also visited the village of Kayu Putih, where another 20 children gathered for toothpaste and hygiene instruction.


Stephanie checks boy’s mouth while Iluh interprets

We are so thankful to Manpreet and Stephanie for their help! With just a few hours, they have touched many young lives with their medical expertise. 

Visiting Ringdikit Kindergarten

Although school is not yet back in session, the kindergarten building for Ringdiket is almost ready for its first class of students. A converted building, the kindergarten has two classrooms which will hold up to sixty students each. There are many children in the Ringdikit area, but the nearest school is too far for many of them to attend. With one available locally, now many children will have the opportunity to get a head-start on their education.

To keep posted on developments at the school, visit its official Facebook page, or follow the Bali Children Project’s pages on Facebook and Twitter.

Sanda House

Volunteers will find Sanda House to be a welcome reprieve from the hustle of tourist-packed Ubud. A short motorbike drive north from Munduk, or a half hour walk through mountain trails to the center of town, Sanda overlooks serene rice paddies and, further away,  hills forested with lush green jungle.

Though simple, the three-bedroom Sanda House has a kitchen, complete with a refrigerator and range, and a bathroom with a shower. Hot and cold water, as well as wifi, are available. The spacious living area overlooks rice paddies and stately palm trees. Behind the kitchen, a stone-lined path guides you past the tranquil fish pond to the bale, an elevated gazebo where you have an even better view of the gorgeous countryside and the mountains beyond.

Despite its relative remoteness, Sanda House has many friendly neighbors, and is a short walk away from food stands that sell water, eggs, fruits and vegetables, and other staples. A fifteen-minute walk away you will find the main road, where you can find warungs with delicious, inexpensive local food, places to do laundry, and shops. Located near other villages like Gesing and Kuta Piyuh, Sanda is the perfect blend of rural peace and community.