How to Volunteer

Help Us Make a Difference!
The Bali Children’s Project welcomes volunteers who are independent and adaptable, self-motivated and energetic. We welcome those with special skills who are able to stay for a prolonged visit. Experienced teachers, particularly those with ESL and Montessori training  are always in demand, as are health and dental professionals.
For such volunteers we can  provide an introduction to Balinese culture and to the Indonesian language. We can also arrange placements in suitable schools and  help in finding accommodation.
Please understand that volunteering is not a free vacation. It is a great experience, both for volunteers and for the children, but there are also costs and obligations.
To Become a Volunteer:
If you feel that you have what we are looking for, please write to us at Tell us about yourself, about your past experience and about your particular skills. We can send you (as an email attachment) a copy of our ‘Volunteers Handbook’, which provides more detailed information.
Remember that if you meet our requirements but feel precluded because of cost, there may be grants-in-aid available.

2 thoughts on “How to Volunteer

  1. Hello! My name is Didar and I’m 24 years old. I was born in the Turkish part of Kurdistan and I moved to Sweden when I was three years old with my family that consisting my mother, father and my three sisters aged 5, 18 and 19 years old. In high school I went to a assistant nursing program and after high school I became a qualified assistant nurse and worked for a year for the elderly with dementia in a residential care. When I had worked for a while I wanted to go ahead and start studying again so I searched for the social work program and came in at Mid Sweden University in Östersund.

    My strengths are that I’m very loyal and committed. Things that seem hard for me I try to take as a challenge and make the best of it. I think that I would be a great intern because I like to meet new people and I have a big interest for social work. I think it’s important to help people in need.

    I’m a positive and happy girl looking for what life has to offer. I want to take advantage of my opportunities and I like to travel and meet new people. I try to take advantage of the time with my family and friends when I study elsewhere. I like to work out and be active.

    In September 2013, our 6th semester my class is going to do our second internship and we have the opportunity to do a international internship for 15 weeks.
    So I wonder if its possible for me to do that internship on your organisation.

    I really hope its possible for me to make my internship in any of your organisations, if you want I can send you my CV, papers from my proffessor or anything.

    I would be greathful for an answear or any tips to make this happend.

    With greetings / Didar Demir

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