Volunteers Speak: Andy Clifton

“I contacted an organisation called “Bali Childrens Project” and asked if they could use my services 🙂

Tessa (my girlfriend) and I travelled with the aid of a fantastic translator/staff member of BCP to remote villages untouched by tourists mostly, where the children know little English, and ran some fun-based sport classes.

The size of the groups varied from 20 to sometimes 50 kids at once.

We played a variety of games, practiced their basic English and introduced them to some new sports like frisbee and newcombeball (a variation of volleyball). And of course gave out small prizes such as stickers and balloons.

Despite the extreme heat and sometimes difficult spaces we were using the kids had a blast and loved every second of it. 

The Bali Children’s Project is a great organisation that has built, staffed and maintained kindergartens in Bali, sponsorship programs for under-privileged kids, health-awareness programs such as HIV-info sessions in remote villages, and a variety of other fantastic programs.

When Tessa and I left I also donated all the sporting equipment I had purchased to BCP, along with the program I designed specifically for this trip so that other volunteers can pick up where I left off in the future.

Feel free to visit the website and have a look, learn and maybe donate some time, clothes or a few dollars.


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