Letter from Harm

A letter from one of our volunteers

The last 4 weeks I’ve been teaching at the Bali Children’s project. It was a great experience! It was the first time for me that I was teaching as a volunteer but I loved it. Most of the year, I teach PE at a high school in the Netherlands. My name is Harm and I am 26 years old. I arranged my visa in Singapore and I flew to Bali. Eka showed me 2 different schools in Penestanan. Unfortunately the schools were finishing their last week so I started teaching a few hours a day where the office of Bali’s Childrens Project is located. Because I don’t speak any Indonesian, it was quite difficult in the beginning. I am lucky Eka was there to assist me. The children were really enthusiastic and were enjoying it a lot. It is not easy for them to learn a new language, especially when the pronunciation of the alphabet is totally different. After 1.5 weeks I changed schools and went to Gianyar. Gianyar is a town 30 minutes away from Ubud and totally different. The kids are not used to tourists and that’s why they act different than the other children. More interesting for me because most of the kids didn’t have a lot experience with English and it was possible to teach here for 2 weeks. I also invited some friends to share this wonderful experience. The kids really liked this, partly because my friends took some balloons with them and they really had fun with them. I hope these kids can improve their English, even when I am not there. I also gave them some papers with words to practice

I would like to thank Eka for her great help and wish everyone good luck with BCP!

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