Volunteer Spotlight: Karlien Van Rhyn

Volunteer Karlien Van Rhyn writes about her 9-week stay in Munduk and the powerful experiences she had there. 

As a now-permanent volunteer of the Bali Children’s Project, I am happy to say that I see this project working miracles helping children every day! Since my 9-week visit in March through May 2012, I have returned on a quick one day visit to Munduk recently. I am happy to report that BCP and Iluh Wilarida continue to impress me with development and ideas to keep this project alive!

My experience in Munduk has showed me peace, love, giving and a culture far beyond my expectations and I will carry and be part of this experience for as long as it is possible. It is wonderful to see how people can help in different ways. Whether you are there for a week, month or year (or NOT even there) there are many ways you can
create opportunities for children to have an educated future! 

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world ~Nelson Mandela

With this project I’m hoping to involve and inform more volunteers to become actively interested to see where help is needed. With the help of volunteers and sponsors we give many children the opportunity to attend school and also better their education experience with teaching skills and the English language!

Thank you to Joyce Scott, Iluh Wilarida, and the rest of the BCP team to have shown me a way of life and giving that has changed my life as well as so many others!


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