Volunteering for the BCP

Our volunteers are ordinary people blessed with extraordinary qualities. These include commitment, patience, flexibility, and a love of teaching.  They have a deep curiosity about Balinese culture and a burning desire to experience it at first hand. Above all, they love helping children to learn and understand.  We seek people who are motivated and self-reliant, people who are able to handle the unexpected when necessary.

Volunteers often live with teachers or Balinese families in the villages they teach in.  We also offer accommodation in a BCP-run house in the mountains. We welcome volunteers and  help them settle in. We are always available to give advice and assistance, but hope that volunteers will be largely self-reliant. We encourage volunteers to master basic Indonesian if they are able, as this is much appreciated and helps integrate with the community.

In general our volunteers are mature individuals with teaching experience, although we also welcome those with special skills, such as medical and dental expertise for example. We encourage volunteers to commit to a stay of several months, as it takes time for both teachers and children to adapt to each other, but this is not essential. Volunteers are encouraged to use any special skills they possess and to create their own programs.

We welcome volunteers, and are profoundly grateful for their participation in our programs. However, providing the necessary facilities and support costs money.  Like most similar organisations we must ask that volunteers help contribute to these expenses.


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